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been absorbed by the lymphatic branch of the lungs and effused
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ally cases are met which seem to indicate amp downward displace
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ichor which is sometimes attended with a degree of fever. It
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In a large number of cases the muscular lesion will be the
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be saved by thyroid feeding but that a small minority
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The diagnosis in the present case was a tumor of the
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seem that the nuclei of nerves lying on the floor of
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and the consequent effect on society and all relations of man
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found to contain pus that on the left was mixed with
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in various degrees of intensity this undesirable feature
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dying when I saw him and his friends ascribed his death to a
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in its continuity between two and three cm. in extent
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kept constantly in contact with the open cancerous ulcers of the
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in younger people who have suffered from some spinal vio
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but nature that heals. If it were the former one might be
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cavity too often. It may be but that is simply a side
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tistics in favor of the bath treatment were favorable
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vulsions are excited to relieve the pain of labour instead of the
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Exemptions. I he act does not apply to dentists and registered phar
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that the unfortunate feature about our present thera
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its distinctive micro organism. This differentiation has
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venesection shortens the fit and lessens I believe the hazard of
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ministering and no intoxication ever occurred when it
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ments but inappreciably a direct anterior convexity. Hence
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tient had frequency in urination the urine was cloudy
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proached and began to pull up the hedge he waited till she had
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Medical Registration and Examination and defining their duties
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great defect of appetite. In both these cases I suspect that the